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Routing across the English Channel (Channel Tunnel and ferry to France and Jersey CI)

PrivateerUKPrivateerUK Posts: 368 [Supreme Pioneer]
Yesterday, 12th June 2019, I downloaded v2 iOS GO Navigation. I'm not using CarPlay, the problems that I have are with GO Navigation standalone.

Channel Tunnel route is not known
If I plan a route from Oxford (England) to Disneyland Paris I prefer to drive and go via the Channel Tunnel. Even if I ask for alternative routes, none of them uses the Channel Tunnel.

When I zoom in the map to show just Dover and Calais, there is a white area which seems to cut off the Channel Tunnel. Whilst the ferry route from Poole to Cherbourg is fully blue with no white zone.

This is also true if I want to drive to Dunkirk, the routes (even the alternative ones) do not show the tunnel nor the Dover to Calais ferry routes.

If I plan a route from Oxford (England) to anywhere in Jersey (Channel Islands) the route uses 2 ferries and a drive across France:
  1. Drive: Oxford to Poole
  2. Ferry: Poole to Cherbourg
  3. Drive: Cherbourg to Carteret
  4. Ferry: Carteret to Gorey in Jersey (there is no car ferry to Gorey)

However, before I had installed all of the France maps, the routing was slightly better, i.e.:
  1. Drive: Oxford to Portsmouth
  2. Ferry: Portsmouth to Guernsey
  3. Ferry: Guernsey to Jersey
This is still not ideal as the fast ferry goes from Poole and the slow ferry goes from Portsmouth, both go to Jersey via Guernsey.

I think the problem with the above routes is that the "Ferry Connections Europe" map may not have all of the ferry or tunnel routes defined, therefore it may be a quick solution to add all ferry and tunnel routes and release a new version of the Ferry Connections Europe which is supposed to be easier in the new v2. :)

By the way, I have the following maps installed:
  • Ferry Connections Europe
  • France (all)
  • Great Britain and Ireland (all)


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  • PrivateerUKPrivateerUK Posts: 368 [Supreme Pioneer]
    Hi @Jürgen
    Jürgen wrote: »
    This will probably sound strange, but please install Ferry Connections Mediterranean.
    Many thanks for that. It did indeed work! :)

    However, it is strange that I had to use the "Ferry Connections Mediterranean" map to cross the English Channel. Why has a SatNav/Mapping company such as TomTom got geography wrong? ;)

    I've tested this further on the ferry route Hull (England) to Zeebrugge (Belgium), which didn't show as an alternative route until I'd downloaded the "Ferry Connections Arctic" map.

    Will TomTom please update all of the "Ferry Connections" maps so that they correspond to the physical areas that their names imply?

    Kind Regards,
  • ICMcDICMcD Posts: 12 [Legendary Explorer]
    I live within forty minutes of both the Channel Tunnel and the Dover to Calais ferry, but with the Ferry Connections Europe map downloaded the Tomtom Navigation route wanted me to take the Poole to Cherbourg ferry to get to France, a detour of more than 200 miles! Downloading the Mediterranean ferries map solved the problem but I wouldn’t have thought of doing something so apparently nonsensical if I hadn’t chanced upon this thread.

    Why can’t Tomtom leave things alone or at least test new products properly before letting them loose on their customers? I’ve wasted umpteen hours of precious life trying to get Navigation to work correctly. If they’re going to use me as an unwilling software-tester they should pay me for it!
  • PatSleggPatSlegg Posts: 2 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Same problem as those above with no channel crossing ferry or tunnel. Get it sorted
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 6,413
    edited July 2019
    Hi @PatSlegg

    Have you downloaded all 3 Ferry connection files offered in the European Folder with the European maps in it. These contain the the connections you are looking for. There is an error re the Dover/Calais crossing as that at the moment is covered by the Ferry Connection Mediterranean file.

    The App defaults too using the Tunnel if you ask for London to Paris like their SatNavs. You can easily add the Dover Ferry Stop to route it that way.

    Tomtom are well aware of the error so no doubt will correct it.

  • PrivateerUKPrivateerUK Posts: 368 [Supreme Pioneer]
    Hi @PatSlegg ,

    I confirm that @Jürgen and @DougLap are correct. If you download all "Ferry Connections Europe" then you should be OK, e.g.:
    • Ferry Connections Artic
    • Ferry Connections Europe
    • Ferry Connections Mediterranean

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