Brand new GO Premium X 'Locked-up'

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Got my brand-new GO Premium X today as an upgrade offer due to my GO 910 now 'out of date'!!!
I don't seem able to get it to charge by connecting it either to the PC or car, I did all the upgrades it suggested, this ran the inbuilt battery down, and now (after also installing an 'Iberian Penisular map') the unit will not fully start, I get the TomTom Drumbeat, and it shows the feint world map screen, but then it just goes off and on again, repeatedly when connected, Is it just me or is it almost impossible to email tomTom for advice?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @G M

    If you remove the Premium from its holder and plug the USB cable into the socket on the back does it now charge the unit if you plug it into the car or you use an Apple Phone charger plug with USB fitting or charger.

    Let the unit charge up for some time before you try anything else.

  • G M
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    Thanks for that Doug,
    I'll try the mobile phone charger for a couple of hours.