No routes possible from Denmark to Stuttgart

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I´m trying hard to prepare a route from Copenhagen, Denmark to Stuttgart, Germany. I have downloaded maps for Denmark and Germany. When I enter the adress in Stuttgart, it is shown on the map, but when I press "drive", it shows an error "route is not possible". ? I have tried to reinstall the app, but that didn´t change a thing. I have used it before, but after the update, it dosen´t work. What am I doing wrong ??


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Rykse

    My guess is that you have not downloaded from the European maps list the Ferry Connections Europe. There have been a number of people getting your problem and a few of them have been in Denmark. It is to do with crossing water from island areas. As I said to one of your countryman when you get to the bridge off your island I hope it is still there and not a ferry now. =)=)