Connect and disconnect while driving car

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Hello ,
I read the solucition of the forrum that i have to remove my iphone 6 from the GO 600 and then bring it back on again, also on my phone i connect propely the phone to my GO600
But the problem keeps comming back ,"Ýour phone is conected and seconds later your phone is disconected.
What can i do more to solve this problem.
i use V 10.30


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Reind

    When you forget the GO600 on your phone and delete the Phone from the GO600 do you turn both the phone and GO600 completely off and on again before repairing?

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    i have the same problem with a samsung s4. I will see if this solution works
  • waytogo
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    Yes it works. Press circle with 3 dots ,bottom rhs, it gives you the option to delete any phone paired on the device. e.g press circle,then delete then press phone to be deleted.turn off phone to be paired with device, turn back on . select bluetooth then tethering in more for search or scan, your device will show a password or code, this will also show on the phone at the same time; you will need to press ok on your phone to pair.I hope poeple will find this helpfull.