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Hi, I am running TT Navigation 2.0 on my iPhone XS with iOS 12.3
Finally took the plunge to the new app after having clung to my old TomTom Western Europe (without map updates) for several years due to the many negative reviews of the new generation TomTom GO (Live) apps.
Took the app for a spin around the neighbourhood today and was pleased with a lot of things.

Strange thing is when I try to navigate to an address from my iOS contacts, it seems to convert this into a geographic point with some rounding error, and then re-deduce the address from this.

First seen when I entered my own contact info for the "Home" location, the TT app spontaneously shifted the house address from <streetname> #63 to <streetname> #65.

Then I tried to navigate to a friend in The Hague who's in my iOS contacts list, and the destination was "rounded" to an address "around the corner", i.e. a totally different street and house number! It just happens to be some 20-30 meter away, but that street happens to be a main artery where you can't stop, much less park, and you can't even turn onto the street where my friend lives. So this is a total misnavigation. Why does TomTom do this completely unneccessary "corruption" of clearly given destination address info?

thanks, Kristofer


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    Just found out, that the same goes for Navigation to Points of Interest!
    Search for "Het Concertgebouw" in Amsterdam brings up an entry with address "Concertgebouwplein 10", but when you then choose this POI and review the address, it is listed as "Van Baerlestraat" (around the corner). WTF!?