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I smashed my old tom tom spark's watch face while jogging. It is still functional, but guessing not waterproof and doesn't look great, so I bought a new tom tom spark + cardio. The first time I connected the new watch, it allowed me to sign right in and synced the data. I am planning to use both watches. The new one for swimming and to wear to work and the old one to wear jogging and biking. Is it possible to have two devices and sync both to the same account? It just keeps saying oops error occurred unplug and try again with the new watch now


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    There is no problem having two devices, just register using the same email and they will both show up. When you plug the watch in does the clock face change to a battery charging icon (which indicates it is getting power so there is a partial connection)? A few things to look at (and I apologize if some are very basic, but it is best to get past the obvious issues first):

    1) Are you plugged directly into the machine and not a hub?
    2) Does the port work, can the computer detect other devices (like flash drives) in that port?
    3) Is the watch firmly snapped into the cradle and the USB plug firmly in the port?
    4) Is the USB port free of any debris or blockages?
    5) Is the Connect software running (is there an icon for it in the notification area)?
    6) Did you install Sports Connect, not MyDrive Connect? It is downloaded from
    7) Do you have administrator rights to the computer?
    8) Is a firewall or antivirus running that is blocking the software from connecting to TomTom (try turning them off before docking the watch)?
    9) Does the computer have a good Internet connection (Internet is required to sync)?
    10) Can you try installing it on a different machine to determine if it is an issue with the computer versus the watch?

    Is there any damage to the pins in the charger or the contacts on the watch? If any of the pins are bent or deformed straighten them out with a pin and make sure the contacts on the back of the watch are free of tarnish or grime. Also make sure it is fully snapped into the cradle.

    If you just got the watch I would take care with your buying decision considering TomTom left the wearables business 18 months ago and is just selling out their inventory. All production and development has stopped and there will be no new features or changes to the existing features in the future. There is no longer support by email or phone, replacement straps are near impossible to find and it is unknown how much longer they will keep the MySports site up and running. If you are able, you may want to consider returning the device and going with another brand that is active in the sports watch market and intends to continue producing and supporting devices.
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    When I plug in my old tom tom with the messed up screen, it syncs no problem. With the new one it just keeps saying to try again. It is brand new, clean connectors, the syncing is working for the old watch so is working. It won't sync the new one though :(.
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    and yes, plugged directly into laptop