Subaru Forest in dash navigation

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I just purchased a 2019 Subaru Forester with in dash navigation. I have found it to be a terrible navigation system. It doesn't show the names of the streets well. On the interstate , it doesn't show any of the exits as one travels. Does anyone have any tips on how I can improve the layout. Thanks


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    Hi Triplecrownprincipal,

    welcome to the TomTom-Comunity :)

    Where did you get the information that this is a TomTom-InDash-Device?
    I guess its not.
    For some Car-Manufacturer TomTom only deliver raw Maps or Services like TomTom-Traffic, but not the Navigation-Software itself.

    o.k. what I can see on pictures at google I guess the Software is NNG iGO Primo (Version 9x).

    For this Reason no one here can help you.