Map zones are screwed up on my RIder

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I've a Rider 2013 which had the full European map and worked fine. A month ago I went to update it and was told the latest maps were too large so had to choose a zone instead. Looking at the map icons, the South West Europe Zone covered the UK, France and Spain, which is what I need, so I installed it.

I then tried to navigate in the UK and found that it doesn't actually contain the UK. WTF!!! I checked again and could see that I had plenty of memory left for the Western Europe zone so I loaded that. Now I find the SW map has gone so I no longer have Spain available and all of my UK favorites have disappeared. No doubt if I switched back to the SW zone, I'd find that all my Spanish favorites have gone too. FFS.

This renders the device pretty bloody useless for going on my holidays to Spain if I want to plot an interesting route in the UK to get to the ferry. TomTom Home might tell me that I "can switch maps at any time" but how am I supposed to download and install 1.5GB of map data on a ferry without my computer or broadband?

Why does the South West Europe map not include the UK?
Why can my Rider only hold one map at a time when there's plenty of memory left?
How can I switch back to the last full European map? (Which does what I need. I don't care about updates if they're just going to screw things up for me).


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    Update ; got in touch with TomTom's help and, after I'd demonstrated to them what their map zones actually contained, they added the Western Europe map (not zone) to my account which has done the trick, giving me my most used countries.
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    Lucky you, in Spain the support crew dismissed the same exact request, so I am stuck without the UK and Ireland (two countries where I've lived a couple of years and visit regularly).

    I am really disappointed with the support for such an expensive "premium" product. The only response I've got for my problems is a discount to buy a new "premium" product, I guess equally flawed in medium/long term support.
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    Can you assist @Joseps by adding the proper zoned map to his account?
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    A smaller map of UK and ROI has been activated for your device.

    It should be offered for download in TomTom HOME.

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    Thanks a lot, @dhn for noticing and making the call, I wasn't aware this kind of support was available through the board. Cheers!

    @VikramK, thanks for taking the time. Sadly, I see no changes in the available maps.
    I've been always able to select the "Europe_West" map with France, UK, and ROI so is not that they aren't available.

    The issue I'm having is the exact same as the original poster with Europe_South_West and I rised it through the support website in Spanish (Question 190228-001636 ).
    Let me please explain.

    This is my range of choices in Home:

    This is the Europe_South_West description, with UK and ROI in green:

    This is what I really get after the upgrade:
    I have tested two times to reload the map, but they are not there

    The answer from the Spanish support was that "you have only access to a reduced option 2 map because your device has no space", but the device has plenty free space after loading that map. It can easily fit one twice the size.

    To be honest, the way the big Europe map has been butchered to fit a 4Gb device has little sense. My fellow UK riders cannot go to Italian Alps from home in a single map, for example.

    Having just two or three big partial maps could have done the trick nicely: something like one covering all the EU Countries (plus Switzerland) as those are the transparent borders for us, or even all the old map countries but Russia, and keeping it and the countries it shares border with in a second map.

    Or at least the customers might had just been offered the classic "Western_Europe" map along with the tiny ones. That one covers in a row a fair amount of countries in our region staying under 3Gb, including that UK-Italy trip.

  • Joseps
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    Hi @VikramK ,
    I see now UK and ROI enabled but being a separate map it still forces me to split my trips badly, as I can't plan a straight trip from home to the UK. Neither catching the Ferry in Spain or the ferry/Chunnel in France.
    I have ridden from my place in Spain to the Midlands in a single day a few times, so it isn't a theoretical scenario.

    I would like to try to ask for the solution @BikerJoe managed to get, having the Western Europe map (not zone) enabled in my account.
    Could any of you please point me in the right direction to ask for it. As mentioned the Spanish support team that answers my support requests doesn't seem to have access to do such addition (they apparently have my device described as having only 2Gb of storage).

    Thanks a lotand sorry for the inconvenience. Regards,

  • peartree85
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    Hello, I too have the problem that I bought the TomTom Rider 2013 (v4) with, I believe, 45 countries and now can only access the Europe Central and Europe East Map Zones in TomTom HOME. And in those maps I seem to be missing UK&I and Nordics. Can someone from tomtom (@VikramK ?) help me? I do hope so.

    FYI, not sure if this is related, when I start TomTom HOME (just updated to latest version = I get a message "An error has occurred" "An error occurred throwing an exception". I can press a link "Click here for further support for TomTom HOME errors" which hasn't helped me. I can also click on a button "Report to TomTom (anonymous)" which I have done a few times. I also de- and re-installed TomTom HOME but this exception remains.

    Thanks in advance for your help and advice.
  • peartree85
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    I now have access to:

    * Europa East Zone
    * Europa Central Zone
    * Europe Southern Zone
    * Europe Northern Zone
    * Europe South Western Zone
    * Europe Western Zone

    So I am back to being able to access the original 45 countries - yay - thank you!
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