Rider 2nd edition won't update maps - year subscription still active

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Help Please !

I have a Rider 2nd edition, and seemingly support has now finished for it, but I have an active set of map updates bought in July this year which won't update. I have tried several times on different days and I keep getting the following message:
"An Error has occurred.
We're sorry but HOME can't complete that task. Please try again later, or contact customer support"

Following all the links and trying to contact support leads no where as they send back automated emails saying "Unfortunately we are unable to respond to any messages sent to this email address." - presumably as they don't want to know about it anymore.

I have a current valid map subscription and I would like my maps ! .... Would anyone be able to help me get them please ?

The device works fine and I can update map QuickGPSfix stuff so I don't think it is a problem with the device or my 'Home' .... seems to be TomTom preventing my map updates. I did do a Home 'critical update' as recommended just prior to trying to do a map update.

Many thanks for any help anyone can offer ... I don't really want or need a new device as yet, and this lack of support certanly doesn't inspire me to get one.

I've attached a screen shot of the error message in case it helps57d1426e-6212-471c-9c1d-1703ce053448.jpg



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    I have the same issue its_nick. In my case, TomTom actually sold me a new map upgrade, knowing full well that it can't be added to the largest (4Gb) card that's fitted, and I'm now stuck with a device that's hopelessly out of date, and a completely useless map download. I was told I might be able to overcome this using map zones (smaller than the full map), but there seems to be no option for choosing smaller zones. In addition, neither 'Operate my Rider' nor 'Use TomTom route planner' work on TomTom Home; both are greyed out, so the unit is now pretty much an expensive doorstop. Time to buy a Zumo perhaps....
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    Hi @banquo

    Hopefully @VikramK can advise on Monday what can be done or whether you should get a refund.

    In the meantime does this help.


    And this


    The one thing I can remember was that if you downloaded all the available Mapzones for a map to your PC you could change a zone without the PC having to connect to the Tomtom servers . Ieno Internet connection required.

    The problem is you need a PC which is not so easy as a Rider.