Go 5200 versus Premium Go 5

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I was expecting that the Premium x is quicker and more accurate then the go 5200.
But I was suppriced, while the 5200 is much quicker and more accuarate.
The premium x gives traffic jams on places there where you could drive without any jams and on other spots where traffic jams where, the premium nav didn't show it.
I'm pritty disappointed



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    VikramK wrote: »
    Hello all

    GO Premium and GO 5200/6200 share the same hardware specifications, but differ in the colour of the bezel.

    When adding new features, we aim to not compromise the speed and responsiveness of the new products.

    This is why we also constantly monitor them and when needed, make improvements which are then provided with software releases.

    The above quote is from the VikramK one of the Tomtom Forum Moderators

    Other than the 5" & 6" screens and the different coloured bezel, the Hardware for the the GO 5200 and the Premium X are the same....

    There are NO performance differences between My GO 6200 & GO Premium

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    Hi Vikram.

    Thanks for your reply.
    When the software is the same, then I aspect the same results.
    And every trip I see diverences and see that the Go 5200 is more accurate.

    Is the conclusion, that there is something wrong with my Go premium X device?

    Kind regards