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Runner/MultiSport watch external HR monitor pairing

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Hi. Have used both a Runner and a MultiSport for several years now and have paired the entire time with a single Scoshe Rhythm+ armband style optical HR monitor. My recollection of original pairing was painless and I've never had a single issue with near daily operation.

The Rhythm+ gave up the ghost recently (case cracked around button and allowed water in) so I simply ordered another identical monitor. The new monitor will not pair up with either of the two watches.

It describes in the manual how once it's paired it will remember that specific monitor each time it's started up (make sense as it needs to discriminate in case of other monitors around). But it never makes any mention of how to 'unpair' so that a new monitor can be paired up for use.

Turning the HR monitor setting in the "Sensors" menu to off and then back on does not seem to reset this pairing (heart shaped symbol on watch just flashes endlessly with new monitor). I've also done a factory reset because I figures surely that would erase the pairing, but to no avail. Both my Runner and MultiSport respond the same to this new monitor (endless flashing).

Yes, I know to isolate the watch from any other blue-tooth sensors and separately the new HR sensor pairs up with other blue-tooth devices and functions just fine.




  • ThinAirThinAir Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Thanks tfarabaugh. Appreciated.

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    Do you happen to know if the Polar or Wahoo optical sensors will sign up to the TomTom?

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    ThinAir wrote: »
    Do you happen to know if the Polar or Wahoo optical sensors will sign up to the TomTom?


    Not sure, you would have to try it. But anything produced in the last 2 years may not work as they are newer than the TT which has not been updated in that time. Any advanced metrics on those devices will not work, you will simply get HR. If you buy one, make sure I has a good return policy in case it does not work
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    So just to tie this question and thread up:

    After testing, it's been learned that neither the Scoshe variations nor the Polar Oh1 optical HR monitor will work with the TomTom Multisport (that we have). However, the Wahoo Tickr Fit signs up and works fine.

    Pretty excited that one of them works as we love the watch and were desperate to find a HR monitor that would pair.

    Thanks tfarabaugh for your input.

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