All new available maps too large for my GO 5000

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I Just went to install the latest map but can't. They are ALL too big for the internal memory.
When I remove the current map, all voice, cameras, etc, the available space is 6.5GB
Here are my available maps:-
Europe + Benlux buildings = 6.6GB
Europe + E.Europe & Turkey buildings = 6.7GB
Actually, can't be bothered typing them all but they're ALL at least 6.6GB or larger.
And you know the funniest thing...? Europe no building = 7.6GB?!?! I mean WTF?!?!?!

TomTom - Please help me out here!!!! I need a smaller map! I actually only need the UK anyway, so the perfect solution for me would be UK+UK buildings.



  • miketorcy
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    Europe with out building, you have Russia more.

    For your problem, add a micro SD card class10 of 16 or 32 GO.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @mattyboy

    You expressed surprise that the maps had expanded and did not now fit the available internal memory of your unit which is 8gb.

    When your GO5000 was first issued the European map was circa 6gb and easily fitted on the internal memory. Since then it has increased to as much as 9gb because of the addition of new infrastructure. Bear in mind there are a number of countries within Europe that were not fully map like the UK and over the years Tomtom has added more detail in the attempt to get them with the same level of mapping. There are still about 6 countries that are not 100% covered.

  • mattyboy
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    Yeah I hear you fellas. I was just frustrated. It's a shame we as users don't have the autonomy to mix and match the maps we need within our subscription. Personally UK only with buildings would be perfect for me. I don't need all of Europe.

    I have ordered a 32GB class 10 microSDHC but I don't feel I should have to add more hardware. At least memory is cheap.