Go android without play store/account

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I installed latest version of go for android (free). But it can't connect to tomtom, so won't start (or won't download maps, etc). Tested and came to conclusion go needs play store enabled and google account, just to connect to tomtom. Why is that?

As i don't have an google account or play store installed (use other play store), how can i get go to work on my device?


  • RoadRider
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    This is not possible because you also have to pay for your subscription via the Google PlayStore.
  • Dr_IT
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    It's the free version, so no i do not have to pay in this case (only when i'm satisfied and want to drive more km).

    Apart from that this has nothing to do with paying, it's about downloading maps from tomtom servers, not downloading from google servers...
  • Asprin
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    You want to use TomTomGo be it free or paid you need a google account to get the maps.

    That is just the way it works........
  • Dr_IT
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    Indeed that's what i said, it's the way it works now.
    But what is the reason you need google account + play store to get connection to tomtom servers? Not logical at all...
  • conphi89
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    There are phones that run Android but do not have Google Play Services installed. A pity one cannot install and pay their subscriptions directly to TomTom...