Mobile speed camera

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Why are the mobile speed cams not visible in tomtom go android? And they are in tomtom flitsers or tomtom speedcams. The option in tomtom go is active and im registered. Does tt go and tt speedcams not communicate with each other?


  • lampard
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    Hi there,

    Sorry about my late reply! Are you still facing the same issue?If yes, can you please answer the below questions:
    • Are you able to see traffic alerts on app?
    • Is data roaming activated on phone?
    • Is the route planned.? (Start and end point address of route)
    • Exact location where the issue occurs?
    • Can you check if speed cameras are shown when phone is connected to Wi-Fi.?
    • Is this only happening with Mobile speed camera? Can you see the Fixed Camera location?

    Regards, lampard