Sat nav won't locate satellites,Any ideas?

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Have updated device via website.....advised it was fully up to date,but just buffers awaiting satellite location.
Can anyone help?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @19GrayC55

    Try fully charging for 2 hours then take outside well away from buildings and trees with a clear view of the sky.

    Now turn the unit on and when ready to go hold the ON/OFF button down for about 20 seconds until you hear the Drumroll sound then let the button go.and the unit will boot up again.

    When the unit has restarted create a route and then place the unit and leave it alone for as much as 30 minutes to see if it locks on to the Sats.

    Once it has locked on it should do it much quicker next time. It has been said that if you place the unit on a car roof whilst trying to lock onto the sats that can speed up the process but it is essential that it is well away from obstructions.

    If you can keep the unit on charge all the time this is going on then all the better.

    Hope that works.