'intelligently' bypassing Traffic Jams

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Hi All

there was a time I remember my TT (Model : Pl. see image file 'tt' ) was set in such a way that when there were Jams on the roads, it would 'intelligently' navigate me through other means such that I would avoid the jams .
I have seen this happen before.

Today I was caught in an everlasting Jam and TT would not even budge to navigate me while there were other routes available , .......there were ( I know the locality ) but it didnt.

My route planning is like the following:
Pl. see Images: Tt_2 | tt_3

am I missing something ?

I want TT to navigate me 'intelligently' bypassing the Traffic Jams , when the jams are prevalant for the last 15-30 minutes . (so No Flash Jams)

can anyone tell me if my settings are Optimal ?

Thanks in Advance
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    As far as I can tell, your TomTom is setup correctly to always find the fastest route, re-routing on the fly if it encounters traffic and there's a faster alternative route.

    It sounds like you're expecting this to mean you'll never encounter any traffic jams - this is not the case. If you encounter a traffic jam, and any alternative route around it would result in a longer journey time, it won't re-route.

    Which makes sense really. Ultimately you just want to get to your destination in the shortest time possible, and if this means sitting in a traffic jam for 10 minutes, then so be it.

    Certainly this morning I was stuck in traffic for 15 minutes, but I knew that any alternative route would add an extra 20 minutes to the time, so I just had to suck it up :/

    Edit: Eeek... I got censored by the profanity filter! I wasn't that rude - think 'duck' but with an 's' at the beginning. I think the filter needs to get out a bit more...
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    Thanks dmulv.
    I get it what you are saying here.
    But there are times (my opinion here purely) ,when I would rather 'keep rolling' for the extra 5 minutes , than stare into the front guy's bumper.
    But I am glad to know that my TT settings are 'perfect'.
    Needed someone to confirm that surely.
    Thanks for the time .
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    Thx. YamFazMan
    I think I will keep mine to : ask me... ( in section 1)
    at least I will have the options here and be in sort of control.

    I suppose I can close this one here .
    cheers !

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    Just an Update on this one (for the records)
    I was zooming home today when suddenly the Green blip got presented.
    I wondered....how can anything go wrong ...I am 10 km away from home doing 130km on a smooth-smooth Highway....huh ?
    But.....I pressed on it Blindly and took the 'óther' way ( whatever the Green blip suggested...it was too fast to read it anyway).
    Later on at home I saw there was an accident on the 'zooming road' . TT took me via a sort of village ...where One has to stop to let the other car make way....but all in all I was satisfied. The Green blip is made for people like me(I guess), you ride more distance, less developed roads , but you dont stand-still looking at various shapes and sizes of different Bumpers .. :#:)
    aaahh..... The Green Blip !
    Loved it !