Vio Scooter Voice Prompts cut short

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The first time I used the TT Scooter the voice prompts were excellent. Used it for the second time and now the prompts are cut very short and you cannot understand what the hell it's supposed to be saying.

I have tried rebooting the phone, uninstalling and reinstalling Vio and tried different voices. It's hopeless.

Any idea how to fix it before I return the device to Tomtom for a refund.

Phone is a Blackview BV7000 Pro, Android 6.0.


  • harrytonny
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    very nie
  • dalid
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    Simkaz - did you try to change voice otuput chanel in settings?
  • Simkaz
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    Dalid, yes I tried that. I worked out what it was eventually. My phone was using the micro sd card for storage of maps and music etc. I ejected the sd card and loaded everything directly into the phones own memory, now works a treat.