VIO USB charger , what ma?

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Hello all , hopefully a quick question
I have a tomotom vio sat nav and want to be able charge on the go together with my phone if needed , although its battery tends to last a while

I thought I would look for a dual usb charger just to be on the safe side so i could do both on longer journeys

there appears to be quite a variation in dual usb charger outputs

I am not very electronically minded so forgive my ignorance

tomtom vio’s own cigarette charger has an output of 1.2ma , but isn’t DIN size so wont fit my motorbike so I didn’t want to get a charger that would too rapidly charge the little thing (tomtom vio)

what do people think

an answer from tomtom would be most appreciated

cheers old bmw guy



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    Hi, you can use USB dual charger. Some of them have difeerent outputs for each one slot. Try to find one with 1,2mA and with 2,0 mA output..