Speed Cameras are not appearing on my new unit

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I have just purchased a TomTom Go Essential which comes with 6 months speed cameras (I can see this activated on the unit with a date 6 months from now ) but on all my journeys with the unit it has not flashed up one notification.
Went to Halfords who wrongly told me I have to purchase this function even though I told them it had 6 months included.

So is there some sort of magic button?
Also I have registered an account with Tom Tom but cant seem to get my product loaded under my account. I am assuming that is not causing an issue.
The Wifi and phone is all working fine, it's just missing speed cameras.
Please help :-)


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Leslieiow

    Try a factory Reset.

    tap Menu
    tap Settings
    tap System
    tap Reset Device

    This will return the unit to the settings it was in when you first took it out of the Box, without affecting any map updates etc you may have installed already.. You will lose all your data, ie favourites(MyPlaces and any Poi or Route files you may have added via the MyDrive website. You will have to input all your account and Wifi details again. Any data you have loaded on the unit should be visible in your account on the MyDrive Website. and will sync back to your unit after the reset.

    If you do this and the cameras are still not functioning then I would contact Customer support, phone number listed below, and ask them to check your settings at their end otherwise and if they are okay they should be able to sort you out.


    All the best

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    I just purchased a TomTom VIA52 and although I've activated and updated speed cameras, it only warns me about fixed GATSO cameras. From reading the manual it would appear that you have to be connected to live data via your smartphone in order to get live speed camera data. That's not an option for me as I'm on PAYG and don't want to guzzle up my call credit just to get speed camera warnings. I already have a subscription to the PocketGPS speed camera database which I download to update but that can't be used on the newer TomTom devices. I have to use it on my phone as a separate facility. The built-in SatNav on our main car doesn't support it either which is annoying. I used to be able to drop the speed camera POI files into the map folder of my TomTom and it would alert me whenever it was near one but TomTom have closed that loophole.