Lack of Chinese language Supports in all ways

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if you have TOMTOM Sat Nav Device that using MyDrive and are looking around for TomTom Chinese support , then here are some useful findings summarised to save your time.

1. NO, Nothing available Anywhere up to this point of time. NO China Mainland Map (WorldMap without China), NO Chinese/Cantonese/Taiwanese/Hongkongnese Neither for display nor for voice

2. Yes, They Supported Chinese before and there was an option to choose in the device menu, But not anymore, They completely removed it after an update, The reasons quoted by TOMTOM Staff are: 'Chinese characters takes a lot of memory', 'not much used outside China'. Seriouly I am so against these because: 1. Provide An Optional downloadable feature is way better solution than just removing an entire default feature. 2. Chinese doesn't takes 'A Lot' memory when saying in Year 2016, 3. 'not much used outside China' is a flippant conclusion, 'much', 'too much', 'not much' are words of comparatively and relatively, especially while you compare with the other supported languages on the List. I believe there are many chinese user including hongkongnese, Taiwanese, Singaporeans that would like to have some chinese language support.

3. Yes, Tomtom exists in China, Tomtom Product sold in China comes with Chinese Lanuage Support, But the product range is very limited.

4. I tried Tomtom China, Tomtom Hongkong, Tomtom Singapore, Tomtom Taiwan, Not any provides useable/downloadable chinese language support

5. There is no option in MyDrive application to install/download community content.

6. Map of Hongkong is Also NOT included with lifetime WORLD MAPS, And Not included for Devices sold in Mainland China either.

7. I feel it like a discrimination.

Please reply this topic if you want to let TOMTOM know your spent money deserves a support in your language.


  • MikkoK
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    Hi xzeng,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Where did you buy your device?

    According to our product team we don't officially sell the latest range of devices in regions where Mandarin Chinese is natively spoken and therefore don't support the language on these devices.

    Cheers, Mikko
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    Dear sir/madam,

    I purchased GO 620 device in Australia. It is expected to update my TomTom with chinese speaking voice and chinese character.

    I suggest to provide us an option to update the device with Chinese speaking or character functionality. As I understand it, Google map already have this function. I am disappointed that this latest product did not come with this chinese speaking function.

    I hope someone will address this problem. Thanks

    Jackie Fung
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    Is it possible to add cantonese instead of English as guiding language/voice to my device GO Premium. Thx
  • VikramK
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    Hi @ngaitom19

    Sorry, but we don't have a Cantonese computer voice available for the GO PREMIUMS.

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    I just bought a GO SUPREME 5' and found there's no Chinese interface anymore.
    Even I understand English, Chinese and Mandarin is still my first choice to guide the route, as I don't have to do "translating" process in my brain.

    I miss my START 25 with mandarin voice and Chinese interface so much.