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Navcore update problem

papyruspapyrus Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
edited June 2019 in MyDrive Connect
My navigation device is not finding the GPS signal. I should install the Navcore update, but MyDrive Connect is not offering it. What is the solution?


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  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,221
    edited June 2019
    Hi @papyrus

    In the picture you have the QuickGPSfix file ticked. If you untick that does the Navcore then load?

  • papyruspapyrus Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Hi Doug,
    the boxes are greyed out, I can't tick or untick anything. These two come ticked.
  • papyruspapyrus Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Thanks! I searched with 'Navcore' and 'Siracusa' because I was a bit suspicious, but did not find that topic.
    I installed those things anyway, which seemed to go fine, the device restarted, but then MyDrive Connect came back with the screen above as if no installation took place. I will have another look tomorrow.
  • LAURE123LAURE123 Posts: 1,632
    Hi @papyrus

    I hope that today everything went well for you and for the updates of your device.

  • papyruspapyrus Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Thanks, indeed, it has installed the mystery Siracusa and now finds GPS signal.

    There are a few more issues that I didn't want to bother you guys with, but well, here it goes: while I was at it, I wanted also to update the map.
    First problem: the software offers a map update, and does not seem to ask money for it, but at the same time it tells me that my free upgrades have expired. (In the six years of owning this device, I only did some updates in the beginning when the software was different). So I just clicked to go ahead with updating.
    Second problem: MyDrive Connect tells me there is no space. So I figured out how to destine the old map to the bin together with many language and install the new map (at the same time? definitely with the same instruction). But it feels a bit risky to delete my map when I may have to pay quite a lot for a new one. Elsewhere the website advised me to buy a map for £52. Anyway, now at least the space issue disappeared, so again I clicked to go ahead.
    Third problem: although the device went into some activity which looked like installation (time counting back about 40 minutes), the software announced that it had lost connection with the device. While that was happily installing. Strange.

    Result: no new map got installed, but at least the device still works with the old one.
  • LAURE123LAURE123 Posts: 1,632
    Hi @papyrus

    You don't bother anyone. We are on a forum between users, we are all volunteers except moderators. :)

    For loss of MyDrive Connect connection (MDC).
    - You have probably updated the software version. Often a clean installation solves the problems.
    with your device Not connected to the PC:
    1/ Uninstall MDC, accept the removal of downloads in the popup window.
    2/ "Restart" your PC (Not Shut down or Sleep)
    3/ Download and install the last version MDC, take it here, at the bottom, the green button "Download for ... ":

    - Always do an operation or download alone, one at a time.
    - After use empty the MDC "cache" folder.
    ==> click on the "Cogwheel" (Settings) / "Downloads" tab / click on "Empty download folder" (if the button is grayed out the folder is already empty) / click on "Save settings" / close the window "Settings".
    - Do a Soft Reset with your device Not connected to the PC:
    ==> Press and hold the On/Off button until you hear the drum sounds, release the button. This can take 30 seconds or more. The device's Restart will take longer with frozen screens, it's normal.

    - - - - - - - - - - -

    The lack of free space is a real problem. At least 400MB free is required in the on-board memory for proper operation. According to the TomTom FAQ alas your device has no microSD slot. :anguished:
    - You can delete unnecessary foreign voices, you may have already done so. In your language keep at least one computer voice (50 / 60MB)
    - With only one map on the device you can't delete it. An update to a new version will delete the old one. Remains the problem of available space.
    - If your device works like my Start25 you must have access to EU maps with fewer countries but smaller, to check with TomTom customer service.

    Your screenshot shows a v9.00 map from November 2012. I don't think this is really interesting for you and it's present a risk of a device without map.

    I don't know the condition of sales for your country Hungary. But maybe see the interest of a new device with lifetime map. Or see if your device is compatible with a smaller and cheaper map.
    But it's best for you to call TomTom customer service before any purchase. Don't hesitate to ask (nicely) a discount code.
    Magyarország (Hungary)
    0036 177 792 27
    hétfő-péntek: 09:00-17:00

    The most important thing is that your device works and find the GPS signal.

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