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Rider 550 Headset. Which one?

Hamish_Z1000Hamish_Z1000 Posts: 27 [Master Explorer]
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Ok it seems my Sena SF1 is not the ideal headset for my Rider 550, so I'm after a cost effective replacement. I've looked at the recommended Headsets on the TT site but have a question. Which ones will do the following;
1. Connect to my iPhone 6s and be able to play Music and use the phone features.
2. Be able to connect to the 550, cut the music and give directions when needed, and then get the music to resume
3. Be able to adjust the volume of the 550 so I can get a good balance between Music, Talk, and Navigation.
4. I'm not bothered about connecting to a Pillion or other Riders.
Or will all of the Headsets listed do the above?


  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 553 [Revered Pioneer]
    If you look at the compatibility list for the Rider 550 and iPhone only the models below support all functions and High quality audio.

    Scala Rider - Freecom 2
    Sena - SMH5 - SMH10 - 20S - S20 EVO

    Navigation / UI audio (A2DP: higher quality)
    Data for Traffic and other Services
    Smartphone Notifications
    See who is calling
    Listen to music from your Phone
    Pick up phone calls

    Personally I like the Freecom 2 more than Sena.

    Source: uk.support.tomtom.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/25645
  • BanjerBanjer Posts: 3 [Neophyte Traveler]
    The Freecom 2+ is the successor to the Freecom 2. Both would do the job fine, but if music quality is important to you i would have a look at the Freecom 4+ as it comes with the beter JBL speakers standard. You can also buy these for the 2+, but the price of the 2+ and JBL speakers is close to the 4+, and the 4+ has a much easier to use volume control.
  • ninjaefninjaef Posts: 10 [Master Traveler]
    Interphone Link

    I use it and it's flawless. Built in FM tuner too so ideal for listening to radio and then having the voice nav cut in and out when needed. You can turn the audio off but I prefer that than watching the screen whilst riding - eeek
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