Winding route avoiding unpaved roads?

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There is a setting for winding routes and a separate choice for avoiding unpaved roads. But the winding route seems to override the “avoid unpaved” setting and still send you to dirt.
Is there any way to avoid this?


  • YamFazMan
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    Using the 'Plan a thrill' route option ???

    I recall a discussion a while ago where the Plan a thrill option was returning 'No route possible'

    Avoid Unpaved roads on every route Ignored....
    I recall this as being a compromise to a 'No Route Possible' error
    When the Thrill route option was introduced, in certain circumstances where a user had set 'Avoid on every route + 'Unpaved roads', the device reported 'No Route possible'... When in fact there was a route possible but using 'Unpaved roads'

    If you have 'Avoid on every route + Unpaved roads' (or one or more of the other 3 options) set and you want to pre-check a route....
    After the device has calculated the route Tap the 4Dot (....) --> Tap Current Route... If the Route is OK the 'Avoid Toll and More' Icon will be greyed out
    If the the 'Avoid Toll and More' Icon is highlighted Tap on the 'Avoid Toll and More' Icon
    The option/s causing the problem/s will be highlighted