Claiming 3 years free subscription for TomTom Go Mobile

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I am trying to upgrade my TomTom app and move over to go but everytime I click get 3year upgrade it crashes and then starts again, I don’t get any options in the go app I’ve rebooted the phone and followed tips in thread but I’m going round in circles


  • lampard
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    Hi there,

    Welcome to the Community! With the release of our new 3rd generation app - TomTom GO Navigation, we can no longer migrate users from our 1st gen app: The Navigation app for iPhone.

    We supported the migration to the 2nd gen app: TomTom GO Mobile for more than three years, ensuring that as many users as possible were compensated. You can download the new app from App store and choose the subscription between 1/3/6 months.

    Thanks, lampard
  • MattInDetroit
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    So the original TomTom US App ceased being updated two years ago. You migrated us to TomTom ?Go Mobile? 2nd gen with three years free. But sometime this year you stopped updating the 2nd gen (which now crashes), and want us to migrated to the 3rd gen ?Go Navation? and begin paying monthly. I'm still confused on the 3rd gen vs 2nd gen, cause 3rd gen was in the ios store three years ago?

    I've kept these apps on my phone for the offline feature, but mostly used the Google app. Imagine my surprise while on vacation in a foreign country "subscription expired"!?

    I bought the original app (to replace a TomTom handhelf), cause I was led to believe free map updates (without having to buy a new handheld device). I migrated (cause I had to), despite the old app having more options. The free traffic was nice, cause I was previously paying extra for it. Now that app no longer opens/works despite having one year left (of three). Move to the new app, and pay more. Not even a trial to see if it's any good?

    I've used TomTom products for many years (previously Garmin's). Not sure if that's going to continue..
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    Hi @MattInDetroit ,

    If you have one year of subscription left in the GO Mobile app, this year will be transferred to the new GO Navigation app. So please hold of from purchasing the new app.

    I kept the old app on my iPhone as a reference and it opens fine without any crashes. Can you try quitting all apps that are running in the background and restarting the iPhone?

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    i bought tomtom go navi, for life use, but since i use e-bike, and motorcycles, it suits me much better to use my phone. Do I have to buy an app for the phone or is there a possibility to get based on the purchased your product and an Android app that I can use .. Because it is stupid of me to buy the same navigation for both the phone and the car ..