TomTom GO 500 unable to update for new map after update

richgar Registered Users Posts: 2
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The devices memory is too small to accept new map even if I delete old map
Old Map is 6182MB, New Map is 6818MB.
If I delete everything its says Used 517MB free 6529MB.


  • DougLap
    DougLap Posts: 9,944
    Hi @richgar

    Add an extra memory card and then when you try the update it will load the new map on the extra memory. You will not need to delete any voices etc if you do this.

    Install a Micro SD Class 10 memory card , either 16gb or Maximum 32gb, in the extra memory slot next to the Serial number label on the bottom of your unit. Get a Sandisk or Samsung memory Card, lesser known makes have been known not to work, and get it from a reliable source to avoid fakes.

    Hope this helps