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How can I contact TomTom Support

I want to raise a support question with TomTom Support. I am finding the maze of TomTom's website impossible. Please can anyone give me an email address or a link that will work. Preferably to UK Support.


  • Caggers1Caggers1 Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
    can l listen to voice instructions on rider 2 without bluetooth like l did with rider 1, is there a herd wire lead available for this ?
  • jacko1950jacko1950 Posts: 18 [Master Explorer]
    020 7949 0132
  • TrunmijTrunmij Posts: 28 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Despite several attempts I cannot get through the maze of the TomTom website to raise a support request. Maybe it is because I am in France and there is an IP clash stopping me accessing the UK site from here. I am returning home in the UK late tonight so I am abandoning this until I am back home and have time to pick it up again.
    Thanks to all for help so far. I will update again with progress, or not, when home.

  • dhndhn Posts: 33,367
    Support France:

    01 57 32 40 67
    du lundi au vendredi de 09h00 à 17h30

    (agents speak English supposedly)
  • TrunmijTrunmij Posts: 28 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Back in the UK tried this again with no success. I called the UK Support number and have worked out the issue with them.
    It transpires that wth my laptop running Windows 7 PRO and using Chrome browser it does not work.
    BUT!, the agent suggested trying another browser so tried Firefox and it works fine.
    Who would have thought that TomTom Support does not work with Chrome.
    So I have now raised a support request with TomTom for the problem I am having with my TomTom Start25.

    Thanks to all for their comments and advice.

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