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My daughter bought a Tomtom watch with GPS and MP3 1,5 year ago. I think the price that time was appx. 300 USD. After half a year the strap broke. We bought a new one. Half a year later that one broke too. And we had a second replacement. Seven months ago me and my wife bought a tomtom multisport watches without mp3. And we face the same problem. The straps on both broke after some month as well. These straps is unreasonably expensive comparing to the watch. We love our watches but we are thinking to change the brand and buy new watches for all three because it will be the same price as to replace the straps 3 times a year. The watch itself is very good but facing the same problem again and againg makes it a bit inconvinient, or maybe you have come up with somthing witch last..


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    Call support. Maybe something can be done. Maybe.:

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    I bought the new one (a strap) from China.. The Price was bout 5 euros.

    I rinse after every activity the strap with water