No voices but MyContent is "up to date"

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My device has not been used for a while so when booted started back at the choosing a language stage . Then it tells me I have no voices. An update of around 350MB was downloaded, so now I am told I am 'up to date' but have voices under My Content. When I tried to email Support the site warns me about the satellite rollover issue and I can't progress from there as My Drive Connect continues to tell me the device is up to date and there is nothing to download or update. I have reset the device only to have the whole process repeat and I still have no voices loaded. Help please.


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    Hi @FrankMac75

    To download voices you must use the MyDrive Connect (MDC) software.
    You need a computer voice, Text-to-Speech voice, for driving instructions, between 50 and 60MB.

    If you have unnecessary foreign languages ​​you can delete its.

    With your device connected to the PC:
    ==> In MDC / "My Content" tab / go down to "My Voices" / "Add voices to your device" / choose a TTS voice (50 / 60MB) / "Install" button