How do I stop my start 60 from stpid go streight directions.

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An example is when traveling up Great Northern Hwy from the Row Hwy intersection in Perth West Australia to the corner of Cathedral Avenue Baskerville. This is a streight drive north and aprox 10 km. But the my tomtom has 3 or 4 spots where im told to drive streight. The only direction needed is to when to turn.
This is totaly unnecessary because the road name does not change, there are no corners. Just turning lanes which i would have to change lanes to use them.


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    Hi @darrellpatterson

    You are clearly of the view that if the road you are on is straight on for all the junctions for the next 10 miles and more that the sat nav should not say anything.

    There are others that complain if the satnav just sits there saying nothing for long periods, because there is nothing else to say other than Straight on..

    It would appear that Tomtom have taken the view that they will keep assuring the latter group.


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