Why every so often you have to mess up postcode Search

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Few years back you rolled out software update that would not let you navigate to the postcode ( you had to select door number which in some cases was miles!!! Away from the centre of the postcode) it has been fixed but now I've noticed that same thing has happened. When you do not select the house number ( I'm looking for a house name or a court for example) satnav will take you to middle of the street at this postcode. Where postcode itself points at the place I'm looking for... It is very annoying to have to double check on Google maps every time I'm looking for those unnumbered places.
It used to work very well with just a postcode if you do not select House number but now it's off every time I've got unnumbered place to find


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    why are there never any answers on how to fix this....if in fact it even CAN be fixed,
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    Can you Post a few none personal... Post codes to test ???