Using 825 Europe Camper map in a new 6200 or Premium X

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If I upgrade to a new Go 6200 or the Premium X can I use my Europe Camper map which I have on mini-SD card in my FW series 825? If not it's not worth me upgrading (even at your offer price for long service) as I need this version for my motorhome.

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  • RobCorky2019
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    Thanks DougLap that does settle it. The Europe Camper Go version is about the same price as the Premium X at £379 BUT I'm being offered the Premium X at nearly £100 less than list as a "valued customer". Do I live without "Camper" facilities? Not sure.
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    HI @RobCorky2019

    I have got the GO Camper and have been very pleased with it so far. Have a look on Amazon, offering it to me there on Prime for £308.

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    We have a 825 which we bought the camper maps for , the latest maps have excellent details when coming to a intersection on a motorway. The maps change to a enlarged view of the traffic lanes and to which one you are required to travel on.
    We have now bought a new GO Camper unit, BUT the maps and directions offered on this unit are inferior to the maps on the 825
    We used the 825 recently to drive through six countries in Europe recently without fault

    We hoped that the GO Camper would be Superior to the 825 and the maps on it but at the moment sadly not
    Hopefully someone will read this and consider updating the information on the GO Camper
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    The NAV4 & Nav5 (Wi-Fi) devices have the ALG (Advanced Lane Guidance) set to Split Screen by default....

    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> Appearance --> Motorway exit previews... Choose
    (1)... Show Map & Preview (Split Screen)
    (2)... Show Preview Only (ALG Full Screen)
    (3)... Off

    Tomtom GO Camper User guide....