TomTom to say goodbye to the sat nav

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The Dutch navigation specialist urgently needs new business areas and therefore wants to become a platform for traveling by car.

Munich What for hotels and Netflix for TV series, Tomtom would like to be in the future for road trips: The first address on the Internet, when people are planning a trip by car. "We want to make the best offer for drivers," said Mike Schoofs, head of the private customer business of the technology group, the Handelsblatt.

In September, the new service will launch, attracting at least 10 million active users per month. "It's about inspiring people," says Schoofs. The Manager's Plan: Consumers should first plan their vacations and trips by car on the platform. Then they should use the app during the trip.

In addition, users should describe their impressions on the portal as well as publish photos and videos. Through subscriptions, but also through affiliation fees and advertising, Tomtom could earn.

The group from Amsterdam has to open up new sources of revenue. Because the traditional business with navigation devices has been shrinking for years. The attempt to grow with sports watches instead failed.
The above is a translation of the start of the article.

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  • dmulv
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    I feel the title here is a little misleading, as the article is more a discussion of TomTom opening up an alternative revenue stream.

    Nevertheless this is still interesting, as there's definitely a gap in the market for leisure trips. TomTom have made a good start with their Road Trips microsite, which this sounds to be a development of.

    As ever though, content is king. Let's hope they manage to build up some momentum to establish a big enough database to make it the destination site they need it to be.