Install US map on TomTom Go Essential

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for several hours now I've been trying to get the USA map for my trip next week but so far it has not appeared on my device,
when Iook up my order it says "In Progress"


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    HI @frankie346

    What do you mean."When I look up my order" You have not purchased a map off the website have you?

    Your Unit is supplied with World Maps which can be downloaded to your unit Free of Charge.

    You should be able to

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap Maps
    Tap Add a Map
    Tap USA to load it onto your unit.

    Now one thing you may also need is a Micro SD Class 10 memory card size 16GB or maximum 32GB because if you are in Europe and have the European map on your Essential the internal memory is not big enough to take the USA map as well.

    Can you Tap Menu
    Scroll far right and Tap Blue Circle with ? in it
    Tap About
    Scroll down and advise how much free memory you have on your internal memory.

    Please confirm what your siituation is as may have some more suggestions.

  • frankie346
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    Thanks Doug,
    I did not know I had US Maps on my device, I afraid I did buy the map on the website, maybe I can get a refund,

    The USA map is there, I will need to get memory card as you suggest

    Thanks for your help
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    Hi @frankie346

    Contact Customer Support and seek a refund. You don't say what country you are in so the attached is the list of numbers.

    One little Tip before you do anything else . Whilst you have the space on your Internal memory go into Maps and Load the Venezuela Map ,only 29mb, and leave the map on your unit untouched. This ensures you have a good map on it so it should start okay. If you only have say the European map on the internal memory and no other map should you have a problem during an update you could finish up with no map. Venezuela lurking there means the unit should start up and you are better an more speedy able to resolve the update problem.