How to transfer a Tomtom device between accounts

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I've sold my tomtom device to a friend, but the devices is still associated to my account.
How can I do to remove the device from my account and how can the buyer do to associate the device to his account?

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    Hi @vlasquibar

    If your device is the Start25 of your user profile, you use the MyDrive Connect software for your updates.

    The services are linked to the device not to the owner. To change ownership, remove the device from your account and The new owner will register it on his own account.

    You, with your TomTom account, your device Not connected to the PC:
    1/ Remove the Start 25 from your account with My Drive Connect. See the pictures below.
    2/ Perform a Factory Reset of the Start 25. This will restore it to its original state by deleting all your personalized menu settings and your personal data. Your latest updates, map and NavCore internal software will remain.
    In the Start 25 ==> Tap the screen /Settings /Reset factory settings

    3/ Turn it off immediately, don't do the procedure of 1st start.
    Your device is ready for its new owner.

    - - - - - - - -

    The new owner, must create his own account and link the Start 25:
    1/ download and install MyDrive Connect,see the FAQ link below.
    2/ Create a TomTom user account.
    - In the MDC software in the 1st page, in the "NO Account Yet?" use the green button "Create Account".
    3/ Log in to MDC with email and password.
    4/ Connect the device to the PC with the cable.
    5/ The device starts and displays the procedure of 1st start, country, language ...

    The Start 25 is linked to the new owner's account and update services are enabled.

    See this FAQ:

    In Spanish:

    If your device doesn't use MyDrive Connect or if you need help, contact TomTom Customer Support:
    España (Spain)
    Lunes-Viernes: 09:00-17:30