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I have a GO 510 with 6gb of free internal RAM. I have lifetime Europe maps, but they no longer fit in 6gb. I put in a 32Gb class 10 MicroSD and successfully uploaded the latest Europe map to it. (and of course the old map disappeared from internal RAM) However, two weeks later the Go seems unable to "see" the Micro SD and gets stuck in a "No Maps Available" loop.
A Western Europe map would be good enough for my needs. Does it fit in 6Gb? And could I exchange my lifetime Europe map for a lifetime Western Europe map?
Alternatively could I have access to a small map that would fit in the internal RAM (as I've read on your forum), so I could get past the "No Maps Available" problem?
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    HI @MarkSanders

    I would say the latter option is better so you retain the full European Map for your unit as circumstances change and you may need it.

    Hopefully @VikramK can look to see if he can add a small map to your GO510 so you will have a map on the internal memory.

    You have to remember that if you limit yourself to only having a smaller map on the internal memory then should there be a hiccup during an update then you could finish up with the NO Map situation.. With both available you have a map to get started again.

    The following may help you as well.

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    HI @MarkSanders

    Welcome to the community!

    Both UK & ROI and Western Europe is not active on your device.

    It's recommended to have UK and ROI on the internet memory on the device and use a 16Gb memory card to install Western Europe or Full Europe map.