Can't connect through USB to mysports

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My sparks won't connect to my sports through USB on the computer, it's charging through it but it shows on the computer screen the 'connect your device' page. Is there anything I can do, I've tried different computers, different USB ports, adding and removing the ports, removing and adding mysports connect. I have a cycle that I did on Saturday that hasn't uploaded through the app and I can't access my watch through a computer to force it through???? :(


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    It is likely a bad dock or connection. Check that none of the pins are bent down (if so, gently pry them loose with a pin) and that there is no corrosion or dirt on the contacts on the back of the watch (clean them with an eraser). Finally make sure that there are no loose wires, particularly where it meets the cradle and the USB end. If none of these things fix it, it is likely a bad dock and you will need to buy a new one (if the watch is less than a year old it may be under warranty so contact Support).