i've purchased a speed/safety camera pachage and it won't download to my device.

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Also, my product profile only includes my previous device, and when I try to add my current device (VIA 1525 TM), I'm routed to the "download mydriveconnect" page which does not allow me to update the product profile. I definitely prefer the old TomTom home page - simple and it worked. This new site is absolutely worthless to me - it's hard to understand, and when I use the directions, it just goes in a circle. I should be able to just plug in my device as before and get the downloads I have bought - thumbs down! I would like to update my product profile, as well - and TomTom doesn't appear to have direct communication with the staff other than this method. This is the goofiest site I think I've encountered lately - needs to be simplified, and direct contact with staff should be implemented. ALL other sites do that for customer support in some way. Can anyone give me an assist?


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    You need to download and install MyDrive Connect...

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    I suggest that you just create a new TomTom account. Then download and install the latest version of My Drive Connect.