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The software shows my device on MY DEVICES, but when I connect my device or try anything, all I get

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The software shows my device on MY DEVICES, but when I connect my device or try anything, all I get is a pop up saying UPDATE THE EASY WAY. No matter what I do I cannot get any menu headers so unable to do anything on my computer.


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,972
    HI @GordoH

    Its because you have one of the recent Wifi units that don't need a PC to update.

    Tomtom recommend the you have a 30mbs download speed available to your unit and then you can do everything you need to do to keep your unit up todate without a PC

    Start the TT unit and you may see for a second a message at the bottom of the screen that there are updates. If you miss it then

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings. (Which will have a little red flag against it if there any updates available)
    Tap Updates and New Items
    You will now be given details of any updates etc available and you should do them one at a time. Software first followed by Maps, Voices, Updates and Mapshare.

    If you find that your Wifi connection is slow then you involve a PC with MyDrive Connect Software on it.

    Start your PC and start the MyDrive software. Now without the TT unit attached Start it and when working connect to the PC. You will now see the screen you are talking about.

    Now use the Menu's on the TT unit to go to Updates and New Items and download the updates . If you wanted to you could minimise the MyDrive page on your PC as it only needs to be running in the background whilst all the updating is happening.

    Hope that helps.

  • GordoHGordoH Posts: 2 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Thanks Doug

    Unfortunately we do not have WIFI here - health reasons. With my last satnav I could do a lot on TomTom Home, like plan routes etc. Is there no way that can still be done anymore?
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    HI @GordoH

    I am basing all the following on the fact you have a premium unit detailed in your Profile.

    I assume that you have internet connection where you are but not via Wifi then. So in that case you will be able to update the unit via the PC with MyDrive Connect software in the background but using the menu options on the TT unit to download the Updates.

    Here is a video on how to update Wifi units. The video does not show you how to do it without wifi but if you connect your TT unit to your PC and the PC is showing the Splash screen saying do it the easy way then at that point you follow the on TT unit instructions in the video as it is using the PC as its Wifi source.

    Re creating routes then there are ways other than on the unit itself.

    On a PC you can open the Tomtom MyDrive website and create routes there and send them to your device or save them as routes and they are then Synced to your unit when you start it up. Now because you have no Wifi it will use its own inbuilt Mobile SIM card to get the signals sent from MyDrive and your Account. There is the website.

    Here is a Video about creating routes in My Drive.

    You can also download the MyDrive App to a Phone and create and send or Save routes just as you can on the PC.

    You can also use 3rd Party Route creating software save the routes as .GPX files for Tomtom then either import them into your account via the MyDrive Website or put them on a Micro Sd Class 10 card and import them directly into your TT unit.

    Saving the routes you create in MyDrive or POI files you added to your unit via MyDrive means that if you ever have to do factory Reset your device and it loses all its data that fact it is saved in MyDrive it syncs back to your unit after the reset when connected to your PC or via the inbuilt Mobile Sim.

    Hope this helps

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