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Just bought the Rider550 and MISSING my Rider 2 already: Making a Call

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Never had a problem with my Rider 2 until the world moved on and obsoleted it. Bought the Rider 550 on the 'Valued Customer Offer" and I'm hating the bloody thing already. Yet another improvement away from something that worked very well. Same happened when I traded up to the Go520. That sucks too. All these new Tomtom units seem to be designed by a bunch of lemons in an office somewhere to be used by a similar bunch of lemons in another office somewhere else. Never in/on a mobile vehicle/bike but always connected to the World Wide Web. The new interfaces are more smartphone than navigator and its really not working for me.

Today I just want to be able to make a phone call. The manual say I can... but without really telling me how. I touch the the little phone icon and it tells me to wait for the beep. No beep. Actually no phone book can I find or any other means of standing next to the bloody thing like I could do with my Rider 2, press the screen a couple of times and get to make the call.

I nearly got there but once and got asked to give Google access to my contacts. WELL NO F'ing WAY. Why do I need Google involved to make a call? It occurs that if I'm in the middle of nowhere with 2G access but not data the whole thing becomes useless. Am I missing something?

The phone contacts on my new Go520 is shite but non-existent on the Rider 550. On the Go520 I could make a call at the drop of a hat, usually to the wrong person. On the Rider 550 I can't.. Do I have to get all undressed, hat off, moby disconnected from the Rider 550 and then make the call the old fashioned way?

What am I missing?


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    Thanks for the pointer. It just confirms what I've already found. The bloody thing is pants and will not make calls unless you share your life with Google or Siri. AND have a stable data connection. BOLLOX.

    For the record I'm more of a guy that rides a bike than a biker (don't do loud music for one). Now, having lost my Rider 2 I'm a guy that rides a motor bike who is also totally cut off from my mobile unless I get off, get undressed, unregister my mobile and make a call the old fashioned way.

    You buy a TomTom device on the old reputation and the new units are crap. Worse, all the original innovators are long gone and they think they are building smart phones for navigation. WRONG.

    Missing my old Rider 2. Disappointed.
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    HI @TigerRider

    I have never owned a bike. Put off nearly 60 years ago when a friend of mine nipped out on an errand for his mum. Only went about 1-1/2 miles and so when his Mum notice d he had not put his helmet on he said I am only going down the road. You will have guessed the rest. His body was entirely unmarked except for the damage to the side of his head at ear level which killed him instantly.

    I assume the use of Google and Siri depends on your phone and in any case I can't imaging what phone calls would be made if you were relying on Tomtom's Voice control. =)=)

    Drive safe.

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    It is always useful to call a mate when you are at the bottom of a ditch somewhere. I really don't want an Amazon or Google magic speaker thingy in the corner of my living room watching me let alone having them manage who I call.

    The one time I nearly got it to work Google told me I needed to share my contacts. Happy to have a copy of my contacts in my Rider 550 just like I do with my other TomTom units. With my accent and in a helmet voice control only safe from the Tomtom to my ears. Voice control fails dramatically on my GO520 when I get called at 70mph quarter of a mile before my off-junction and the mapping gets replaced with "USEFUL" call data. There is no command for "OFF" or stressed variations of "<!!!> OFF". Voice is not an option in noisy locations.

    More generally a mobile is useful to call the other guys and find out where there are without having to get off and find the phone.

    I have found the G0520 unit almost impossible to use for calling via its call manager. Is designed for someone sat in an office and not someone parked up, still strapped in and reaching forward to the unit suckered onto the windscreen. Having to take the thing on/off its mount is NOT a way I need to go.
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    It occurs to add that with my Rider 2 I used a Bluetooth capable 2G (non-smart) mobile as my preferred phone connection to the Emergency, friends and other services. This moby lived with the bike. Seems the 550 REQUIRES a smart phone as the ONLY way to provide access to mobile services and AFAIK requires Google or Siri to manage my private contacts list.

    If someone says "Old 2G mobile!! What about traffic updates?" My reply would be: "Its a motorcycle. Traffic is less of an issue." AND would have checked My-Drive on my smart phone first any way.

    So, even more unimpressed with the bloody thing. Am still fiddling to make the mount more difficult to have my Rider 550 easily stolen while I'm sat there. The Rider 2 had a little strap which would have added a second or so for me to park a 200Kilo bike.

    Also... Needing to change the TomTom Account email, not obviously possible without resetting the thing, I find I don't get an email to the old account to track this change.

    So, No PIN, easy to remove from the mount under the nose of someone struggling not to drop their bike and no security on change of ownership. Hopeless.
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