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My Satnav needed updating and is now stuck on the choose a country option on the screen. Help!!

When in my car I switched expecting the Satnav to work but I had a Satnav image connecting to a pc image on the screen.. I connected the Satnav to myconnect which prompted an update. After completion the Satnav screen showed the "choose a language" option followed by "choose a country" option. At this point I cannot select a country as none are shown. How can I progress beyond this point please?
Many thanks

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  • dhndhn Posts: 33,312
    Try a drum reset on the unit by holding the power button about 20 seconds till you hear the drum sounds.
  • Giblet1279Giblet1279 Posts: 3 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Thanks dhn,
    I have tried that several times without luck. That is the usual fix but not this time.
    Any other ideas are very welcome!
  • Giblet1279Giblet1279 Posts: 3 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Thanks Steve, that's really helpful. I followed your advice which got it working but for some reason, the most recent update have left me with no voices so I will now have to sort tat out as well. Funny this I the first time updating where there has been any problems.
    Thanks again for your help Steve, much appreciated! !
  • Steve_in_KentSteve_in_Kent Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Pleased to hear you got it (partly) working again.
    I didn't have the missing voices problem on my device, but you should be able to download voices from your TomTom account and update device in a similar way to maps/speed camera updates. Check volume afterwards!
    If that doesn't work you could try a full factory reset from the device menu - although you would need to download at least the map/s again afterwards.
    Good luck!
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 6,391
    Hi @Giblet1279

    Have you checked the sound settings when you Tap Menu. The Speaker icon bottom left sometimes get accidentally turned off the you Tap Manu. Then there is the Volume Strip and the Voice icon on the Right.

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