London 20MPH Zones

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Hi, is there going to be any upcomming update that will address the growing number of 20MPH zones in the London, UK area?

The most recent additions are in the West London Area but I find that my TOMTOM device is frequently displaying 30MPH in 20MPH zones.


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    I have raised this question with Tom Tom support on two separate occasions over the years spanning two Sat Navs and still no change and no response as to when the updates will take place. I have provided downloaded Transport For London road maps showing all the London roads and the speed limits which are at 20mph and upwards. Also my local borough detailed maps of the same information and still my TomTom device is showing the wrong road speed limit, making it an unreliable feature on these devices.
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    In my area because the side roads are all 20mph for some reason they've made the main Link Road that goes through our area also 20mph when it's 30mph (so get odd people doing 20-25mph and people overtaking them, witch they do in actual 20mph zone any way)

    TomTom does not seem they take map corrections with any importance or they just simply don't have enough staff to handle all the map corrections and just expire submitted if they been in que to long,, it's too bad they don't do what Waze does where they have about 10 different levels of map editors seems to work well for them even at low level you can submit a new road and speed and road corrections on higher level roads get accepted by a higher level person within a day typically (but i completely dislike Waze and Google maps as they lack goto house number navigation as most of the time tomtom does have the house number and it's correct house most of the time +/- 1 or 2 houses)

    and on TomTom GO and the new TomTom head units you can't use the community correction maps verified or unverified,

    also has anybody tried using the new keyboard that's on the recent tom-toms head units you have to press and hold the letter and slide over to the number because for some reason the keyboard has capital letters and lowercase and then numbers, even thought postcodes and addresses are case insensitive ( you should only have to press and hold then let go to select the number like you would on a mobile phone keyboard makes it time consuming to enter post codes)