No map on my Tomtom One

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Hi there,

I have a question for my Tomtom One (N14644) with 1GB storage. A while ago I gave him to a friend of mine to do a update, since I'm not that technical. After a while I got it back not working. He told me that they are no longer making new maps for my device, so I have to use my old map. The problem is when I turn on my tomtom device now it says there are no maps installed. I plugged into my computer and I found out that there was no map folder on my tomtom at all! Probably something went wrong in his update attempt. I also have never made a backup since I just made a tomtom account and I just installed tomtom Home for the first time.

Is there anyway I can get a map (BeNeLux or Western Europe) for my old device? I understand it won't be up to date, but it's always better than a non working tomtom.

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    Was this ever resolved? I also have no maps and no way to update.