World maps on GO Premium X

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Does my tomtom go premium x have USA maps down loaded on automatically or do have to buy them?


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    Hi @Jhayter

    It will probably come with the Europe map on it as see your profile says UK

    All the maps will be free to download however there is one thing you will have to do. Whilst the Internal memory is 16gb I am pretty sure the Europe map which is circa 9gb and the USA map will not fit on the internal memory along with the Operating Software.

    So if you get the unit get a Micro SD class 10 memory card. I would suggest you get a 16gb or Max 32gb card with the latter being my choice as that will, with the internal memory, enable you to download lots of maps. Buy a Sandisk, Samsung or similar major make from a reliable source. Some of the lesser know cards and fake one have been known not to work. You put the card in the Extra memory slot and go into the settings and format the card on the unit for maps.

    To load maps all you do is having set the unit up with your wifi details start it up logs into your Wifi and then:-

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap Maps
    Tap Add a Map
    Select the map you want and download it to the unit. You go into Settings and select the map you want to use as and when required.

    For information. Whenever you download a map it will default to try and fit on the Internal memory but if it will not fit then it looks for the Extra memory. So that is why the USA map will look for the Extra memory as I don't think there will be enough memory on the internal memory. If however you wanted to download the Venezuela map that is only 29mb and will easily fit with the Europe map on the internal memory.

    Hope that helps.