hi i am trying to download the europe map onto my tom-tom,and am unable to uninstall the USA map.

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is there a problem at the moment with the MYDRIVE CONNECT?


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    HI @paulmorrellb777

    The European map will not fit on the internal memory with the USA map or on The internal memory if the USA map is on the Extra memory card.

    If the former then add a 16gb or Max 32gb Micro SD Class 10 memory card, Sandisk, Samsung or similar major maker form a reliable source. Format the card in the GO51 for maps. The European map its circa 9gb in size. Read following before proceeding.

    If the latter then presumeably the added extra card is not big enough for both of them. in which case you should probably go for the 32gb card but do the following first.

    Load a small map, say Venezuela, so that it will go onto the Internal memory card and then you will be able to take the existing card out and insert the new card, format for Maps, and then load both the USA and European map. Keep the little map on the internal memory as it will ensure the unit can start as it has a map, should you have problems with the added memory card, otherwise you could have problems.

    If the above are not the problem they maybe try the following if problem is with MyDrive Connect.

    Eirther Re-enter the account and password details an MDC settings and see if that sorts it or Fully delete MDC and after a restart of your PC redownload from Tomtom and try again. Both have sorted out problems for a few recently getting Servers Busy problems.

    Hope that helps.