XXL Classic update failed

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Performed the latest fix and updates and now it just turns itself on and off, it doesn't pick up any satellites either, any answers ?


  • terryridge2798
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    i have a tom tom xxl it was charged up after two days the battery was flat am i right in saying that the batteries cannot be renewed ....so i have bought a tom tom start52
  • DougLap
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    Hi @terryridge2798

    You probably could change the battery as you can probably see if you had a look on Youtube and Ebay for the battery. However the XXL is a very old unit no longer supported by Tomtom and likely to have a very out of date map which will not be updated..

    Re the Start 52 it is a good unit however like all the units in the Start range it has one fault in that it uses the Step by Step search method only which causes problems finding UK postcodes particularly in rural areas. So if it is possible for you to return the unit and swop it for a Via or similar model then it might be an idea as like all the other Tomtom units it can be set to use the Quick Search method and that solves the problem.

    Sorry to mention this. However if you have a problem returning it then a solution is to load the Mapcodes App on your phone then, if you have a problem, enter the postcode on there, move the map around to find the exact spot you want and enter the Mapcode in the Tomtom where you would type the postcode in and it will take you exactly where you want to go. Mapcodes only work on Tomtom units and a code is good enough to deferentiate between parking bays in a car park. If you Type DH.FX where you would put a postcode in search and accept the first suggestion it gives and get a route to it you will be directed to the middle gate at Buck House.

    All the best.