R-Link TomTom Live randomly does not start with the car

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A friend of mine and I bought the same car (Renault Captur 2018) almost at the same moment but in two different Countries and we both noticed the same defect: Randomly and upon starting the engine the built-in SatNav would stand-by (just showing time) instead of turning on.

Sometimes restarting the car would make it work, sometimes it would not.

Car system is up to date after April critical update.

Any idea?


  • Carminat
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    I don't know the layout for a Captur. That time display on mine shows if I turn the satnav off with a button that includes volume - so do you change something before getting out of the car, or as you arrive at your destination?
  • WinkleDC
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    I think we're talking about the same button and volume dimmer. I change absolutely nothing before turning off and leaving the car. I thought that could be a matter of "inactivity" time, but it's not... it just seems to be random.