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TomTom Runner 3 (cardio+music): unable to delete music from device

I have a Runner 3 watch (cardio+music), but unfortunately the music functionality does not seem to work properly. I am able to synchronise playlists from itunes and add songs to my watch. So far it works fine. But: deleting music (playlists from itunes) does not work! When I open TomTom Sports Connect and click on the music icon, I can see the playlist which is uploaded on the watch as well as other playlists that I can synchronise from itunes. When I add a playlist (+ icon), the playlist is actually added to my watch. When I’d like to delete a playlist from the watch (clicking x icon), it seems in TomTom Sports Connect as if the playlist is deleted. However all the songs from the “deleted” playlist stay on my Watch and they are still played on shuffle. Songs that are in different playlist are now 3-4 times added to my watch and it seems impossible to delete them... (even when I delete the playlists in itunes). Does anyone know how I can delete these songs (platlists) from my watch in a different way? I already tried a recovery mode.

On top of that: the shuffle function is not great. It often plays the same songs, while others are not played for a very long time. Anything to do about that?


  • tfarabaughtfarabaugh Posts: 16,776
    You can go through the music tab in Connect (hit the music note button on the main screen and it takes you to the playlists). However, it is not always possible to delete from there (if the playlist has changed it only gives an option to update, not delete). In this case, you can go through File Explorer and navigate to the watch (it will be listed as a drive) and delete individual playlists or everything in the Music folder ([drive letter]\MySportConnect\Music). This will clear all playlists from the watch.

    Once you have deleted all the files in the Music folder you need to close the Connect software (right click in the notification area and pick exit on Windows, not sure the exact procedure on Mac) and reopen it and it will reanalyze the watch storage. Factory resets of the watch will not impact watch storage the only way to do that is through a File Explorer window.
  • lennartderoolennartderoo Posts: 3 [New Seeker]
    Thanks a million for your answer! Unfortunately it still does not work for my watch... Even if I delete all the files from the music folder in file explorer and exit-reopen/reanalyze (tried it several times), the old songs are still played when I turn on the music in shuffle. Even though I cannot trace them back anymore in the watch's music folder in file explorer...
  • lennartderoolennartderoo Posts: 3 [New Seeker]

    See image. It seems like I am unable to delete this masterplaylist. Even if I delete it in File Explorer and exit connect, next time I re-connect my watch the playlist is back in the music folder (file explorer)...
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