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I recently bought a Premium X - a considered purchase to replace my old Tomtom Go which I've had for years. It duly arrived, I unboxed it and I went to fit the screen protector. I took it to a clean environment, made sure everything was absolutely spotless, wiped the screen with the alcohol rub and fitted the packaged screen protector really carefully. I noticed that somehow I'd got some dust under the protector and went to remove it. I lifted the edge of the screen protector and then saw that it appeared to be under the screen. Then it dawned on me, there was a factory screen protector already fitted! When I wiped it with alcohol, it had got underneath the factory protector and carried some dust with it. I was absolutely furious. No mention was there anywhere of having a protector fitted. I was forced to remove the factory protector and refit it as best I could after cleaning which is to say that it has loads of dust bubbles in now.

I don't buy much electronics gear and I'd really thought long and hard about this purchase. I take huge care with everything I own and now I'm having to look at a new satnav with loads of bubbles in the screen. I am so angry, partly kicking myself because I should have realised but also with Tomtom - YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE INCLUDED A SCREEN PROTECTOR IN THE BOX. If I could leave a review on Amazon it would be one star.


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    Hi @Lockhouse

    It would appear that answer to your problem is your comment that you do not buy much electronic equipment.

    Many years ago I remember my Mother buying a new television and when I phoned her she said she had a problem with it. There were letters on the screen whilst she was watching it. I popped in on the way home, she turned the TV on and I peeled the Screen Protector off, and she had a lovely picture. Most Electronic equipment is supplied with some form of protection to any screens.

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    Possibly, but I'm not stupid, I'm a 56 year old data analyst. If it's not clear to me, there must be a whole lot of other people it's not clear to either.
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    There's a protective film on the Mounts Suction to remove as well