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Cannot load new map update, cannot load smaller zone

MRQ2MRQ2 Posts: 7 [Apprentice Traveler]
My device is a Go Live 1000 with LIFETIME map updates. - It has always been loaded with EU Zone 8... However on connecting vide Mydrive tonight, it seems the latest version wont fit on the device. - I've tried the 'remove unused content' option; not that there is much, but that constantly fails, saying TomTom servers are too busy.

I'd be happy to load another (smaller) zone, I only really need UK/Ireland maps... However, whilst that screen opens there seems to 'positive' selection of another zone; I can highlight them and get the pop-up telling me what they are... But it doesn't change colour or tell me it's selected in anyway. Poor UI design - However there Is a 'Continue' button (which changes if I 'select' a zone which is too big... So I presume selection has taken place when I click on a zone.

The 'continue' button does precisely NOTHING! - turns a darker shade of green while depressed, but the program doesn't move on in any way, shape or form.

I can find no clue as to what's going on... TomTom's 'support' website is as it's always been - completely and utterly useless. - There was a Mydrive update when I loaded it, it's running on !0, the machine has been rebooted etc etc etc...


  • MRQ2MRQ2 Posts: 7 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Just to add... IF someone from technical support has to add something to my account to make this work, please DO NOT add it via this login - it's not connected to the satnav account! Contact me for furtther advice/information.
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