No GPS signal on Start 25

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i have tomtom start 25 8gb since 6 april satalite not comming. i installed mydrive connect but its also not working. what should i do now


  • LAURE123
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    Hi @miankaka777

    I have a Start 25 8GB (BQ). The first connection after April 6th took more than 10 minutes but everything is fine now.

    With MyDrive Connect you have updated the NavCore to version 12.075 released end of April 2018 and you have downloaded the latest QuickGPSfix file?

    Check the NavCore version in your device:
    ==> tap the screen/Settings/Me and My device/About my device/ the beginning of the 2nd line App 12.075.xxxxxxx.xx

    For the first connection I did this. Your device not connected to the PC and turned on, with the battery fully charged, do a Soft Reset:
    Press and hold the button until you hear the drum sounds, release the button. This can take 30 seconds or more. The device's Restart will take longer with frozen screens, it's normal.

    Go outside, in a clear place without buildings. In your device enter a route, don't move and wait. I wasn't in a car. It can take up to 30 minutes before a GPS fix, luckily for me it was faster.

    I hope it will work for you.

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    I appreciate this process to advice as it was helping me to get my GPS signal !
    Many thanks,Peter
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    Hi @Dome1970

    You are welcome. Glad for you and thanks for your feedback on my message. :)

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    Did all this got 6 satellites but cannot connect to mydrive as no network adapter shows---been doing thissince april 2019 :)
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    Hi @NS4U

    What are you trying to do.

    Are you referring to Mydrive Connect software.

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    Hi all


    Like @DougLap , I'm not sure I understand your problem.

    If you have a problem with the detection of your Start25 by your PC and MyDrive Connect, no device in the OS Windows in "DeviceManager/Network Adapters", maybe a Windows driver problem. Look at here:

    If you have the error message "Busy Servers", look at here:

    I hope this will help you if not give more details about your problem.